Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a starter not a finisher

28 Feb 2023

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Consider this my unburdening of that admission.

It's something I've always known about myself, even if unwilling to admit it out loud. My wife will do that for me anyway when I've got a DIY project lingering in that last 5-10% for a little too long. 

I know I'm creative with strengths in idea generation and starting things, but perhaps not quite as good at getting it to that 100% mark.

I could make excuses, and there are plenty. But the reality is that it's often perfectionism and distraction of the next shiny thing. I see details that could be refined and made better. Or from additions here and there that would make for a better end product, but I seemingly refuse to listen to the advice I repeatedly give my teams. Get things out there and iterate on them.

This website is the manifestation of that problem. Taken down in 2013 when I thought it didn't represent me anymore in the goal of building something bigger and better in its place. That didn't happen. Instead, it's languished offline with a solitary message in unstyled Times New Roman. "I'll be back soon". 

I start each January convincing myself this is the year. Time to launch something magnificent. Whether it's this site or one of many side projects that I play about with but never really get to the point of pushing the button.

want to be better. I will be better.

Instead of the usual cycle of starting, striving for perfection or endlessly playing with different ideas, then shelving them, I'll try something new. I'm going to keep hitting publish as I make tweaks and changes. Over time perhaps I'll reach that nirvana state of perfection. We'll see.

The plan is simple. Create somewhere to write some words, photography and work I've completed over the years.

Here's to hitting publish more.